Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • Blocked
    Guru Labs
    It's not possible to pursue development of the issue because of other problems.
  • Documentation
    Guru Labs
    The hows and whys of the system, concisely and coherently described.
  • Operations
    Guru Labs
    The issue relates to a production system or impacts infrastructure.
  • Research
    Guru Labs
    Issues that require research and architecture recommendations.
  • dev: Code Refactor
    Guru Labs
    Making it better ... eventually.
  • Highest priority issues which must be resolved before cutting a new release of the software.
  • dev: Easy Fix
    Guru Labs
    Standalone issues which are easy to fix and make you feel productive. The development equivalent of chocolate chip cookies.
  • dev: Enhancement
    Guru Labs
    A new feature, made of fairy dust and happiness!
  • dev: High Priority
    Guru Labs
    If you're looking for something to do, tackle these issues first.
  • dev: Specification
    Guru Labs
    Describing how and why we do things.
  • dev: Won't Fix
    Guru Labs
    The name says it all.