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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • ! Low
    Low priority development item. Represents a nice to have which we might get too (eventually).
  • !! Moderate
    Issue which should be moved into development using a normal process.
  • This is important, do it now!
  • !!!! Blocking
    Fix it!!! Highest priority issues which are preventing other work from being done.
  • ? : Trivial
    This is so easy to fix, you should probably have already done it.
  • ?? : Easy
    Fixing the issue is easy, probably an afternoon project.
  • ??? : Moderate
    Fixing the issue provides a moderate challenge. Clear your schedule for the next couple of hours, you've got this!
  • ???? : Hard
    This is a difficult issue. You will need knowledge of the codebase and it will require a significant amount of time.
  • ????? : Complex
    Fixing the issue is really hard and requires an investment. The exact causes are unknown, require additional profiling, or a major restructure of the codebase.
  • Automation
    This task should be performed by a machine in a repeatable and robust manner.
  • Blocked
    It's not possible to pursue development of the issue because of problems. Issues that are permanently blocked should be tagged with "Dead."
  • Dead
    A permanently blocked issue. It might come back to life, but ... it's not likely.
  • Discovery
    Issues which are currently in a state of planning and preparation, where requirements are being discussed and specifications being written.
  • Documentation
    Examples, architectural explanations, and reference. Stuff needed to effectively use the software that has been created.
  • Doing
    Oak-Tree / Medical Imaging / Sonador Imaging Platform
  • Duplicate
    Issue is a duplicate of another issue and adds nothing (or very little) that is new
  • Feature
    An issue or merge request that is being used for feature work. It will be closed during a comprehensive review that is part of hand-off.
  • Task requires frontend JavaScript and React development skills
  • In-Development
    Currently being worked on, expect updates soon ...
  • Operations
    Involves the operations of the technology. Might be related to platform, configuration, or runtime environment.