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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • Blocked
    It's not possible to pursue development of the issue because of problems. Issues that are permanently blocked should be tagged with "Dead."
  • !!!! Blocking
    Fix it!!! Highest priority issues which are preventing other work from being done.
  • ????? : Complex
    Fixing the issue is really hard and requires an investment. The exact causes are unknown, require additional profiling, or a major restructure of the codebase.
  • Dead
    A permanently blocked issue. It might come back to life, but ... it's not likely.
  • Discovery
    Issues which are currently in a state of planning and preparation, where requirements are being discussed and specifications being written.
  • ?? : Easy
    Fixing the issue is easy, probably an afternoon project.
  • This is important, do it now!
  • ??? : Moderate
    Fixing the issue provides a moderate challenge. Clear your schedule for the next couple of hours, you've got this!
  • Strategy
    Big picture discussions, clarificiations, and direction. “Where do we want to go?” rather than, “How do we get there?”
  • Sprint: Planning
    Issues that are currently in the planning stage
  • Sprint: Future
    Issues that will be tackled at some future point (probably in a month)
  • Prototype
    The first time you attempt to do something, you'll get it wrong, so build a prototype first. (Another way of saying we might not know how to do this.)
  • Duplicate
    Issue is a duplicate of another issue and adds nothing (or very little) that is new
  • ! Low
    Low priority development item. Represents a nice to have which we might get too (eventually).
  • !! Moderate
    Issue which should be moved into development using a normal process.
  • Specification
    Describe how something should be done so that when you start, you don't make a mess
  • In-Development
    Currently being worked on, expect updates soon ...
  • The feature has been implemented and is waiting to be reviewed or otherwise just hanging out. (Another way of saying, almost done.)
  • Review (Staging)
    The issue is currently in staging and requires review, or has appeared as part of quality assurance and needs to be addressed.
  • Testing
    The issue has been implemented, prepared, and packaged. It is currently waiting on the results of testing (unit, integration, functional, or production) before being closed. Basically, really almost done (for real).